Danny Trilla

The story as told in the words of Danny Trilla:

What’s up every one this is Danny Trilla AKA DannyBoy $impson. I’m just a “young dude making moves” trying to leave my Mark on music.  By bringing a new wave or lane to the music industry I hope to bring good vibes and positivity.  I come from the Sipp (mississippi) 662 where Rae Sremmurd are the first people to make it out since Elvis.  I mix all types of music. Born in 97 grew up in Florida till some crazy stuff went down and I was kidnaped and taken out of the country then moved all around North mississippi. Whole family did music from rock to alternative and I decided to try it out go my self.  I got a Mic and tryed making a beat…it sucked but I spit a hard ass verse on it and my brother ask to make one. He made an amazing beat and put a chorus with my verse I did some back up singing and that’s where it started. From then I have built a team “TRILL KIDZ ENT.” I have photographers, videographers, a graphic designer, social media manager, and most importantly a lawyer.  I’m still building the team before we take off.  I am talking to members of Migo Gang, Taylor gang, rich gang, and the group Rae Sremmurd (and there producer) about really getting my foot in the door. I feel like I have a little more learning to do before I take the next step but I feel like I’m almost ready.  Please check out my music, reach out to join the Team and let me know what you can bring to the table.

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