The story as told in the words of Ruben:

My name is Ruben and I’m a 17 year old artist. I can be versatile at times & speak on different topics I also can switch my flow in any beat. My most “successful” song would have to be thoughts pt 2 with over a thousand plays it talks about dealing with depression & how everything will be alright in the end. A lot of different people have told me that they like my music & I need to get noticed & while that’ll be great there’s still so much I can improve on. All I ask is for people to check out my music & just give me constructive criticism because at the end of the day I just want to get better no matter what it takes. I produce but I mostly use “YouTube Free beats” since I don’t have the plugins to make the crazy stuff they make & I’m trying to learn music theory so I start producing my own songs. Thank you

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