The story as told in the words of VAMPVRE:

I’m an 17 year old Artist born in Newjersey, raised in New York. Currently living in Atlanta GA , with a pretty decent fan base that’s continuing to grow. My name is VAMPVRE which is pronounced (Vampire) but im known as ” Vammi ”  I have been working really hard to become one of the best artists around.. my very first project was a collab EP on soundcloud with my brother “$kree” called “Groovy Saturdays” . one of the tracks on the mixtape hit 15,000 plays. another track on the mixtape hit 11,000 plays. All the other tracks are in the 3,000 range. I am now branched off as a solo artist currently working on a album that will be on itunes and spotify titled “Vammi vs. The Forces Of Evil”. instagram: @Vampvre twitter : @sadvillager

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