YoungG (Lul Jawz) AKA YaGfFaveSideN***a is a 20 year old upcoming artist out of the East side of San Jose , CA. He is apart of a diverse team of fellow artists named “GUTTAMOB” which includes artists such as Fully Valentino, Young Rue(GrimeyKid), GuttaKid187 and more too be recruited soon. YoungG has been rapping/song writing/singing since the young age of 8 and has never turned back on music ever since. His musical flow , his witty punchlines, his ability to freestyle and his hyper active energy is what sets him aside from other rappers in his area. Majority of his sounds on soundcloud have all reached over 1k plays , including his biggest played song “FLACKZWORLD4EVER” which has reached 12.8k and still growing by the week ! YoungG has touched all types of sounds and music cadences throughout the years of his musical journey , but his signature style being the Bay Area’s own Hyphy Movement is what he knows best . He has recently been getting buzz by completing challenges such as Mike Sherm’s “Asshole Challenge” which was recognized by Sherm himself , Mike Sherm’s “Ima Boy Challenge” which was recognized by the producer of the song , and his most recent “I Need A Girl Challenge” which was uploaded on his soundcloud that has reached 3k so far and growing. YoungG dedicates his exceptional talent in music for the art and for the city he truly loves , San Jose . If you’re a resident of the Bay Area , YoungG(Lul Jawz) should more than definitely be in your playlist and in your Gf’s contact list !

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