Chico Big Benji

Chico Big Benji might be the next big thing out of San Antonio, Texas. With his many flows and ability to change styles while at the same time keeping it street and being himself, 17 year-old Chico Big Benji will go a long way.

When he was just 5, he said his father brought home a RUN DMC cd and played it through the house. While the songs were playing, he would rap along, making up his own lyrics. he says, “That was my first time actually listening to rap music.” He said, “i just remember thinking I want to do that one day.” As he grew to be about 10, he would keep rapping, but only freestyling, never writing it down. “Me, Frost (close friend), and Meechie (close friend) always make little raps on the bus. Meechie would make a beat on this inside of the bus while me and frost would rap to it and get the whole bus active, even the bus driver would get live with us. We never took it serious, but everyone knew I could rap and I knew too.”
He would go on to record his first song “skrilla” when him and frost were in the 8th grade. He said after recording his first song, he fell in love with the process of making music and wanted to make more. He asked his mom to buy a mic for christmas so he could make music on his own. He has been recording and dropping songs regularly since early 2015.
His early influences were Micheal Jackson, Lil Wayne, Waka Flocka, and Soulja Boy. in the early 2010s his influences were Asap Rocky, Earl Sweatshirt, Chief Keef, and LA Capone.
On January 27, 2017 he dropped his anticipated debut mixtape, “Fresh Out The Water” on Spinrilla and Soundcloud.
Chico big Benji has plans to move to Atlanta after in the fall of 2018 to pursue his career in music. You can look him up on soundcloud as Chico Big Benji, where he puts most of his music. He also has songs on youtube and a couple videos with his latest visual to “Brand New” shot by StevenJets. You can follow him on Instagram @8400chico and on Twitter @chicobigbenji.
Also check his song ‘Brand New‘ out with already more then 3500 views.

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