Ben Swavo

The story as told in the words of Ben Swavo:

Ben Swavo is a 17 year old rapper from rochester,ny. His style is very hard to grasp, on some songs he can be hard with tons of wordplay while on other songs he’s relaxed and very melodic and sometimes he  combine the two elements. He makes the first steps on march 2016 with his single ‘trapped in’. After taking a break from music he came back 5 months later with the beatpluggz ‘fuxk around’. Sometime later he dropped single after single until releasing his first project ‘wockheart’ with the lead song ‘wockheart’. He  featured on many artists songs and even made a joint mixtape called ‘kiito & friends vol 1’. It’s expected that he will drop his next project ‘DeathComesInThrees’ soon.


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