King Chris

The story as told in the words of King Chris:

Well my real name is Christon (Christ-on) Bridgewater. I got the first part of my Stage name ( King Chris ) because I often watch beyblade growing up as a kid people said I looked like the character King from the anime. I was born in Hammond Louisiana, I moved to Atlanta at the age of 11 (age 15 right now) I feel like from Atlanta right now haves a very impact on my music but I feel like I add a little bit of my own flow an delivery to it. I’m not much known  because I just recently started in May and also because I don’t put my self out there just like everybody else maybe because Im a little bit shy. Well for me growing up in Louisiana is hard because there’s so much violence and sometimes I would be the middle of the violence, I feel like that’s what helps me create some of my songs and ideas of my songs. So much that it inspires my next full length mixtape titles “1119” that represent my block I grew up  for 8 years now. The block changed my life I’ve seen a lot of bad things as a kid. Which nobody at my age should see but I’m thankful for it, because it is teaching me a lot of lessons.

For me when people listen to my music they say it sounds great an it sounds fire or good but I know who the ones really being real but I jus keep it moving. For me I just wanna be different from all my fellow Atlanta rappers and “SoundCloud rappers” But I fell like I’m blending in with everyone else but wouldn’t I blow up quicker right ? No wrong , But that’s all about me.

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