Nexxup (2)

As we know Nexxup’s almost over night rise seem to came without him even dropping a music video or official song on YouTube! We caught up the PA native rapper on a couple of personal questions and these were his answers.

(Zack)As for as your everyday life, what were you doing while making music? Who was your posse I should say? Nexxup: “Well before me and my boy fellout it was me and like 3 of my niggas everyday haha, me, Marcus, my brother Channing the nigga everybody cut off. We use to hit up all the college parties and fuck bitches together but as time went on n*ggas showed they true colors, feel me? So certain n*ggas got left behind, but I can definitely say My brother Channing love em to death that’s my nigga, Free Kane that’s my older brother, so my boy Marcus, Booboo and Swag.” Nexxup recently collabed with Smokepurpp on a official remix to “F*ck a Swisher” ft Xavier Wulf. On his unreleased interview with M-Mixtapes he explains his upcoming and upbringing saying, “A lot of n*ggas hate on me from where I’m from fr. The girls love me, but its like the n*ggas where I’m from hate seeing another n*gga like succeed and its embarrassing frfr. But they know better, I can say I’ve never been robbed or shot at thank god, but I ain’t no sucker, I move cautiously and I stay ten toes, cause all it takes is one bullet to kill someone”

Follow Nexxup on Snapchat and Instagram @Nexxup and listen to his newest release as he comes off once again on top with this one titled “Night Strike”: Also the rapper has a song ‘Wrist‘ with famous rapper Lil Yachty, who played the song on his Snapchat.

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