Vacant Twon

The story in the words of Vacant Twon:

Wussup my names Anthony A.K.A Vacant Twon A.K.A Fat Tony. I’ll just start off by saying I’m here cause of the same reason everyone else is, I love rap, hip hop trap music whatever you wanna call it. Around this time last year I was struggling with depression and felt like my life had no purpose. Thats when i realized the only thing keeping me from being completely miserable was the rap I listened too. I began to slowly understand that I could do whatever i wanted in this life. It all started with people like slim shady and andre 3000 inspiring me to write some rhymes  turning into a complete obsession with the culture.I like to think my music is influenced by many artists and styles but I love every style of rap, what I love more then anything is a unique flow something that has never been done is what im aiming for. And even though not everyone will like my style I accept criticism with an open mind cause i know this is the very beginning of my full capabilities. #vacantBoyz

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