Bloodstain The Deathboy

The story as told in the words of Bloodstain The Deathboy:

Hey, it’s Bloodstain The Deathboy AKA Bloodstain666 AKA Suicidal Niall. I’m 13 years young reppin San Antonio, Texas. Also rep RPGBOYZ. My style is a nice mix of Horrorcore, Sadboy, Comedy and Trap. I’m a bit more than your typical SoundCloud rapper, and I like to do things differently. My idols are Tyler, The Creator, XXXTentacion, Brotha Lynch Hung, Slim Shady, Lil Peep, Eric Harris, Lil Pump, Yung Lean, and Scarlxrd. I definitely mix it up a lot and am very unique. I started rapping in March, and have slowly worked my way up, and I’m excited to see what the future brings. I’ve worked with Young Slim, YNGSLITDICK, Retro Rexx, Xanny Platinum, Lil Boy Dofu, and Lil Snorlax. I’m pretty controversial for my violent lyrics, and my lyrics have gotten me into trouble at even school. Even still, I do my best everyday to try and make it to the top.¬†

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