Donnis Ontario

My name is Donnis Ontario. I’m only 16 and I’m from the Western Suburbs of Chicago. I’m a Junior at my local high school of which I dread. I’m single and haven’t had a girlfriend for almost two years. I consider myself as a hard worker, somebody who is determined, I’m generally nice unless it’s involving music of course, I love hard, and I play hard. I’ve been making music since I was 9 years old and I’ve made a complete mixtape this summer that consists of about 16 tracks. My style is a cross between Icytwat and Kanye West. It’s a style I call “Liquid Frequency” it drips when you listen to it. I’ve been trying to get off the ground and blow up for about a year now since I’ve been taking music seriously since 2015. I used to be in a couple of groups that I made a few songs with but I couldn’t seem to get along with my group members due to personal beefs and opinions of each other’s lyrics and music. My group/label now is Packcrew Recordings (@packcrewhoe) of which I founded with my best friends back in early 2016 and it’s been alive ever since. I released my first song by myself called “missedcalls” produced by Eugene Cam on May 16, 2016 about my ex girlfriend. My highest played and most popular song on SoundCloud is called “Untitled”. The song was released in September of last year and has almost 4000 plays now. I have many new songs and new approaches coming ahead such as my summer project and first complete mixtape “Low Sound Quality” it was all recorded off of a laptop and a headphone microphone to prove my level of grind and send a message to those who doubt me and think I’m not capable of doing it all. I look forward to new opportunities, friendships, and most importantly fans. The come up is kind of a slow process that takes a lot of patience and self promoting because without support you simply won’t make it to be anywhere. I hope that one day I can be an outlet and inspire other children to do what they love and even help fund it, give them what I didn’t and don’t have right now. I take all of my work very seriously no matter how much fun I had making it.

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