The story as told in the words of Seth:
My name is Seth, otherwise known as Seththebrokenkid (@seththebrokenkid on IG). I’m 16 and from Richmond, Virginia. The music I make stretches from hard rap to a more melodic and smooth singing. I don’t have any specific style of music, I make what I feel.  I haven’t dropped any big projects besides singles, though I am currently working on a 3 song EP called “Lavender Dreams”. I am currently in a group with 3 others called The Collective. I’m currently the only member to be releasing music but we soon hope to be off making music collabs with other groups and other singular artists. I have only been making music for a month or so now. I hope this school year is the time when my career takes off. I hope for collabs with many people in my area that make music on their own. I love music and I don’t plan on stopping.

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