Alpha Ant

Everybody is different and all follow their own unique paths, but turns out that mine is going to be a very successful one. I am an ambitious, hardworking, and optimistic individual just to name a few traits. I am also certain that I will live a great life, but I am also certain that it will not be easy.

Fortunately, I am extremely young at only eighteen years of age, and I am grateful to be on such a path to success. I say this because my mindset is on another level compared to those of the same age around. I do not get caught up trying to “live life” or “be young”. I dedicate all my spare time to working on my craft whether I am making a beat, or writing and recording a song. I also dedicate spare time to reading, doing research, or learn from other very successful people, and some of them are not in the music industry. I feel that I am intelligent because I am always trying to educate myself which will take me far in my life. Also, I am certain I will go far regarding music because it is my passion and I have been writing songs ever since I was fourteen years old. I initially started writing to try n explain my problems, but once my problems had passed, I continued to write because it was exciting for me.

Now, four years later, I have chosen to pursue my passion, but my music is different compared to many others around me. My music can teach and help certain people who are willing to listen and pay attention to specific lines. My music is also a direct representation of me because every song I make is true to myself at that point in time. I have been labeled a conscious artist before, and I somewhat agree. No matter what I am labeled as I am going to continue to have my own uniqueness in my songs which will attract my true audience and create my own wave.

Even though I am going to reach exponential success I know it not be a quick process. I plan to be in the industry long term, and one of my goals as an artist is to receive a Grammy. I also will be a multi millionaire in my lifetime from years of work, knowledge, and getting back up when I am knocked down. With that in mind I can guarantee that people will see me walking the red carpet in the future.

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