Trunks London

The story as told in the words of Trunks London:

Trunks London (Lil Trunks) I was born November 5th, 1999. I am a upcoming artist born in New Orleans, Louisiana then moved to Houston, Texas after hurricane Katrina. Houston is a cool place you know, but I’m not from here and I want my art to be more than Houston. I feel that I’m more than just a one genre type of artist. I want to try different sounds in the future cause I feel that my art is going to be world wide one day. I already have two songs out 1: “I Tried” which is self produced, and 2: “Broken Xans” which is produced by PHXBEATS. I have many songs and 2 mixtape stored up for 2018 when I have enough money saved up to start recording professionally and a two song EP which is being worked on right now which I plan to release between now and January. The artist I look up to are Lucki, Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti, Warhol.SS, Robb Bank$ and Jaden Smith. When it comes to their music or clothing choices, all of them are way ahead of their time. Especially them being so young, inspires me and makes me look up to them more and work harder knowing I can be just like that or even better. When it comes to making music I don’t set standards. I just go and do my thing and rock out, but my goal from now until next year around this time is to grow a bigger and loving fan base and put out as much music as possible. To see what I’m up to, when I drop new music and if fans want to get in touch with me my follow me on Twitter, Instagram and SoundCloud.

Twitter: @_LILTRUNKS

Instagram: @liltrunks_


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