Born Karim Hardwick Smith aka Kaution , is a 17 year old upcoming Artist coming out of LI’s Amityville, New York. Kaution is also an athlete playing basketball and he is also a Baseball Star. He’s A Lyrical mastermind and puts every thought of either punchlines, wordplay, metaphors, and similes into every bar he jots down. He started rapping the day after his 13th birthday with his bestfriends (Kamikazi Jay, Izzy J Tesla, and  Aboriginal) . They formed a group called Y.t.B which stands for Young Trill Bastard’s.

Overtime they changed their group name into The Shoguns and made their label name Legion Records , and has expanded their roster with producers and artistes.
Kaution is a very smart lyricist , there would never be a line without any meaning behind it. His past made him what he is today and he uses his past as inspiration and motivation. At the age of 2 kaution was put into foster Care separating him and his older sister.
At the age of 5 he was united with his sister and began to live with her and her foster family. Two years later His sister was removed from the home and placed into a new home, separating the two once more.
Throughout his younger years he wrote short stories sharing it with no one he kept these stories to himself. In second Grade kaution met his soon to be best friend/Brother Jameson (Kamikazi Jay) in the school cafeteria . The two barely talked only saying what’s up when they seen each other in the school halls. At the age of 9 kaution started to make it known he  wanted to be an author, it was his third grade teacher that helped him, to not be shy about sharing the stories he wrote. At this point he had no interest in becoming a rapper. At the Age of 10 kaution became adopted by the foster family hes been with since the age of 5, Changed his Name to Karim D. Sims. At this point his life began to change.
In the 6th grade while in class , Kaution saw His friend Jameson writing something, his friend showed him his book and it was lyrics. This was the point where the rap game came to kaution. Jameson and kaution began writing raps together during class. Jameson was taking it more serious than Kaution. It wasn’t until that next year kaution began to take it serious.
In 7th grade a few months in kaution middle school year at Edmund W. Miles Middle School exactly the day after his 13th birthday, During a school assemble Kaution Jameson, Isaiah, and a fellow classmate Jayden were all freestyling. When they were done Jameson approached Kaution letting him know about A rap group he had formed , and he wanted kaution to join. The Rap Group was called O Squad. This rap group had a lot of hate through the group , the group consisted of Jameson who was going by the name of Jay at the time , Travis, Jada,Jasi and Jacob who goes by J Tesla. This group lasted about a few months and the group disbanded. The following 8th grade year which was the 9th grade for kaution ,Jay started another group which consisted of kaution , Jay, Izzy , Jtesla, Aboriginal, and a few others who are no longer with the group today. the Group goes on to record their first song “Chiraq to Aville” , with aristes jay and Izzy with kaution ending it off. The chiraq remix goes on to reach over 1k listens.
At the age of 15 going into kautions first year of 10th grade now attending Amityville Memorial Highschool his life began To change. On a already depressing date 9/11 , around 4 in the morning kautions home was broken into while he was sleeping in the back room , His cousin Tehron Sims who was a popular store and brand owner (NBCC) was sleep on the couch, the ones who broke into kautions home walked up to Tehron and pistol whipped him demanding money, another cousin of Kaution who was also in the living room ran out of the house through the front door while 1 of the 2 intruders ran after him. Once Tehron Refuses to give them money letting them know he doesn’t have any the intruders shot him in the head instantly killing him. All who was left in the home was Kaution and his sister. This event scarred kaution for life seeing his cousin lifeless on the couch. The murder is still unsolved to this day. This fueled Kaution with hate and depression.
Kautions 10th grade year is the year that changed his music career. His Group continued to expand with the new edition of A new teen in his school wade Aka Bless. The group now consist of rappers now Kamikazi Jay/Lil Wind , Jtesla, Kaution IzzyDaGwad, Bless, and Aboriginal. Throughout the year the group continues to drop music with hits like “Uber Everywhere Remix” featuring  Jay and Izzy with now sits at 1.8k listens, “Panda Remix” also featuring Izzy and Jay which now sits at 2.2k listens. On April 3rd Kaution and The Shoguns performed their first show at Revolution Bar and grill located in their hometown Amityville New York.
Later on of that month of April Kautions Father passed because of heart problems. Kautions father and his mother were separated but there was never a moment where his father left him. His father encouraged kaution to play baseball. What kills kaution the most is he Nevered told his dad about his rap career.
 That following year due to where kaution was living at the time, Kaution had to change schools for his Junior Year of highschool. He attended Wyandanch Memorial Highschool. This didn’t stop his group from performing and expanding. The Shoguns go on to drop more hits such as “That Nigga Part 2” Featuring Izzy and Jtesla which now sits at 1.1k listens, Dead Right featuring Kaution and Jtesla which sits at 1.1k, these two put on a lyrical assault on School Boy Q’s Tookie Knows II beat kaution says in one line “shoot fist ask later like  authority” bringing up the topic of cops killing the innocent without asking questions. Another quotable line by kaution in dead right is ” I take a con’s soul no controllers” this line displays his intriguing wordplay and lyrically scheme/setup with con’s soul referring while referring to a game console and ending off by saying no controllers, this is kaution way of saying it wont be a game when he comes to take your life. The shoguns latest hit “Lions” featuring Lil Wind aka jay and Jtesla which now sits at 1.7k. His group goes on to do more shows and  acquiring more talent on their roster. Legion Records now Consist Of All of The Shoguns which is IzzyDaGawd, Jay Kaution, Jtesla, Bless Da Kid. 701 Sound Is another group under Legion Records which consist of R Dia and The Polo Don aka Deezy. Notata Is also a solo producer/Rapper under Legion Records and Tahir who’s a producer.
During the 2016 summer of kaution goes on to release his first EP , “Kaution Out The Kage” which included the Tracks “Summer 16” “War” and the highlight track which sits at 2.1k listens as of today “Lifetime” The title of the EP is a introduction to the world of Kautions Alter ego Kage. Kage is like a demon version of Kaution you’ll often hear him in kautions songs as a demonic voice. Kujo is the demon version of the dog in the movie Cujo and is Kages Demon Dog, Kujo appears when Kaution drops diss tracks.
A few months later kaution released another EP “Legion Life” which included the tracks “Graveyard” ,”Kujo” Which is a response diss to a Georgia Rapper D Ice , the highlighted track which now sits at 1.3k listens “Dont Worry About Me”.
Just recently Kaution releases his first 10 track Mixtape “Words From A Lion” with the into of the tape titled “Love From The Start” at track number 2 “So Appalled Remix” at track number 3 “Kujo II” which is a Diss to Texas Rapper Young gust who now goes by GTA, on this track kaution displays a wide rage of punchlines metaphors wordplay and a very intriguing  disrespectful line that goes “Ran A Train On Your Mother For A Track Feature”, this goes to show kaution isn’t scared to disrespect his foes.
Track 4 “Wish A Nigga Would(Daily)  featuring IzzyDagawd , track number 5 Busta Rhymes remix also featuring IzzyDaGawd, track number 6 “Hello World” Featuring Notata, this track kaution throws a shot at young gust. “Dont claim god if you never got crossed don’t claim fire if you gotta defrost” track number 7 “IDGAF” track number 8 “I Feel Like I’m dying” which currently  has the most listens with 700 and will most likely hit 1k pretty soon, track number 9 “Deep Cover” and track number 10 “MIA Remix” featuring WolfFromTBE who is The Shoguns manager, Lil Tweezy , and Young Jedii
  Now entering his Senior year of highschool kaution will be going back to Amityville Memorial Highschool. Kaution has an upcoming show August 20th With his group At Revolution Bar and Grill in Amityville New York. He Has an upcoming project titled
“£€¶|©Π4£|√€” (Legion 4 Life)
His Instagram is @3kaution3
His twitter is @killionaire3
Check out Kaution (@Killionaire3): https://twitter.com/Killionaire3?s=09
His SoundCloud is Kaution/Kujo
His groups SoundCloud is The Shoguns

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