Caleb Duke

The story as told in the words of Caleb Duke:

My name is Caleb Duke, but my artist name is Bandzo. I am 17 years old. i live in Gwinnett, Ga. I like rap music and rapping because it releases apart of me that can’t be released. My artist role models are Chief Keef and LA Capone. I rap because my cousins influenced me to join them in the movement. So i started practicing almost everyday and soon enough my rapping became better. I have tons of reasons why I rap, but my family is mostly why I rap. We’re not from the trenches or anything, but I believe I can take us to a much greater places than just a plain house. I’ve started a movement with my homeboy Tyler(T-Rocka) called Risen Prodigy Records and we refuse to give up on music. I rap for people who don’t have a voice, to release emotion, and also its my one love. Please Check/Subscribe to me and my friends channel.

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