Lil.Wind kamikazijay

The story as told in the words of Jameson Adams:

My name is Jameson “Jay” Adams .Jr I’m 17 years old from Amityville New York born 12/28/99

I’m the teenager that started the Legion Records/Shogun collective,  being inspired by groups such as Pro Era,Odd Future,and Raider Klan. I took it upon myself to search for artist in my school (this was about 7th grade). I first started a group called O squad name inspired by Odd future with the O standing for Odd. This group is where I would find Kaution who would go on to become someone I see as my Brother. After O squad fell of I  keep searching for artist and that’s when I met a kid named Isaiah Sears. I saw him as the new Joey Badass to my Capital Steez him and I would go on to form Y.t.B(Young Trill Bastards). I got Kaution to join the group and then Jtesla and later on IzzyDagawd Y.t.B was when rapping and making music would actually become more serious especially after we dropped Chiraq a song that did great numbers for middle school kids, record using 4 phones and a speaker. All that while we at lunch during school. Chiraq was the turning point song into us taking music serious, but soon Y.t.B crumbled due to differences between myself and Kaution, but of course we made up but Isaiah Sears left the group now. In high school we decided to change from Y.t.B to The Shoguns we saw it as us maturing and growing up soon we’d add Bless into the shoguns and later form a bond with the group. TBE this was 10th grade year I was going through things at home and in my personal life being cheated on by a girl I thought I loved and going through depression but soon this would fuel me to go harder creating hits with izzydagawd known as Panda remix and Uber everywhere. Which got us attention around school just a slight buzz. I also dropped two singles 50 warning shots and gah damn which are on SoundCloud still we’d soon do our first show in a battle of bands competition at revolution where we’d make it to the second round and come in second place we were the youngest group there going into junior year things moved a little slow. Kaution had moved to a different town so we didn’t see him a lot anymore which fucked things up but I’d go on to drop my first ep titled I killed Kamikazi with songs 1.Curse Mark 2.Fox sin ft kaution 3.Godhand somn to end the ep this Ep was a darker side of me known as Kamikazi Jay. After that I got into some trouble and had me suspended from school this made me depressed but also gave me time to think and work on more music. In this time I’d finish all my verses for the Mixtape Brothers Of Destruction which would come out later on junior year. It was a Mixtape izzydagawd and I have planned since 9th grade but never did until recently izzy and I also formed a duo within Shogun called Drippy Brothers. We have another Mixtape coming soon called Drippy Boyz after B.O.D. I dropped another Ep Titled Teenage Emotions or sum like that with songs 1.No Trust 2.Idontfeel 3.Boobear speaks ft izzydagawd 4.Noheart/boobears tears 5.Love (spoken word) this EP is basically my relationship all the ups and downs of it and how a teenager in this era feels in a relationship august 20th we did a show selling the most tickets and having the best performance at revolution and soon we’ll be doing more shows in different areas.

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    miss you jameson. love you


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