Lil D Press

The story as told in the words of Lil D Press:

I’m a 12 year young rapper from New Zealand. My real name is Taigaga JP Rerecich. Lil D Press originated from my depression. I’m Croatin, NZ European, Samoan and Maori. My main goal at the moment is to gain 1000 TRUE fans fro my music. My IG is @a_lil_dpress and my Soundcloud is . I’m always open to Dms on my IG and even messages on Soundcloud. The rap game in NZ is low af and I’m here to set that bar for more rappers to come out and rap for their life. I need 1000 TRUE fans to really show that I can do this. So check me out please. if you like Famous Dex, then consider me the less famous one.

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