Dour Dave

The story as told in the words of Dour Dave:

I’m 20 year old upcoming artist From freeport New York. I grew up battle rapping and from there my feeling for music took over. I started to freestyle more vividly and calmly and started to go to the studio. Until just recently I started recording my own songs. I make music for people to vibe to or to turn up to I can do either or some songs consist of some emotional thoughts. Ina few songs But I still haven’t dropped a official mixtape I’m still in the process of working on it which I plan on dropping on 4/20/18. I Make trippy music and serious music when I get down to business I do what I love I didn’t let anything change that either. I’m One of the Main members of my group T$G BigBand$ the movement™ go get intune with It I also dropped a song this week called “I Know” Look for that on Soundcloud.

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