Retro Gang

Retro Gang, we are a group from Chicago.  Rapping wise, only 4 people participated so far, but the whole gang has exponentially more people. More of the gang will appear in future tracks. Group also consist of producers. Retro Gang is a family though. Retro Gang member Da$ho has a ep dropping real soon and Retro Gang will release a group project soon too. We are a independent group, not under any deals or contracts. We are closely affiliated with a group called Good Karma, who has done songs with some of our members. All our music is dropped exclusively on soundcloud and we have a few music videos on youtube. Retro Gang member Jae $teez just released his first single called Paper on his personal soundcloud. The group started taking rapping serious during summer 2016. We have did various shows during summer 2017. And we are in our own words, setting our city on fire. We look up to rappers such as Lucki and Chance, who are from Chicago also. All of our members have different styles and strengths that together puts us in a position to be on top one day.

Check here there Soundcloud

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