The story as told in the words of Zaygawd:

I’m an upcoming rapper out of Greensboro North Carolina. I have been rapping for about ten months and I have progressed a lot since then. have a tape that I have been working really hard on “Sounds From Granny’s ” it drops July 1 2017 . It will be my first project ever and it should really lite up summer 17. I have a very melodic upbeat type of style . I am really good with switching my flow up and trying new things . My numbers are slowly increasing and my fan base is growing At a great rate.I plan on really trying to come up out of Greensboro and make a name for myself and for my city . I feel like I am gonna soon be one of the hottest artist out here and plan on really putting my city on the map . I have lots of projects in the works that are soon to come and I believe it’s gonna attract a lot of attention. Some of my musical influences would have to be lil yachty , Duwap Kaine , Famous Dex and Young ThugI dropped my first song in early August and it was a start then I went to go on and release my song Jesus Piece which seemed to really attract sum attentionI have sum collabs with sum other artist such as segahonn in the works soon.

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