Hey Nerds! it’s me Jonathan AKA JonnyBDope AKA king of the nerds. Man where do I start, well as of 2017 I’m currently 17, I live in a big town up in California called Oakland, I love listening to loft, Tyler The Creator, Childish Gambino, And Kali Uchies. I used to rap with my friends, known as the little gang cyphers, It was dumb but at that time it was mind-blowing. If you can’t tell already I’m mainly a outsider, I don’t rock the brand new jordans, don’t even got a pair of true’s. I love thrift shopping, it’s so great because you’ll know that no ones got what you just copped from there, and if that isn’t great I don’t know what is. I love drawing and playing video games as well.

I got my rap name from a dream, i was outside and someone came up to me and said “aye its jonnybdope”. As I can remember, I’m low-key losing it because it was a dream, but since that day that name has made me.. well me? Haha. I basically started raping because i saw how much it influence people and the culture. Especially now. Rap is the new Rock. Kids eat up every word a rapper says, and where I’m from all of it is just gangster music. It never really bothered me until i heard  it coming from a dude that had no business talking about “gang” related things, kinda ticked me off you know? He was trying so hard to be somebody he isn’t ( I would know because i knew him personally). After that day i didn’t start rapping yet, but that summer i got a concussion. I couldn’t play football, my memory was getting worse, and all i did was play video games and get fat. I. was depressed. Worse then I have ever been. But I actually thank that experience. I wouldn’t be a rapper today if I didn’t start out as a depressed Junior. Anyway I started hearing beats off of youtube, You know the free ones. After that i was hooked, got to recording, and made my first song “M.I.A”. Don’t go looking because it ain’t on there anymore. I really just want to be different, all where i live its only songs about gangs and shooting and fucking the next dudes girl, but me? Nah man I’m a nerd. Experienced indeed! But still, a nerd. And i love it, because it’s me, and i aint changing me.
Me? my favorite song by myself personally is either “Tweakin” Or “Change”. My song Change is very close to me. Im from a island called Antigua. It’s basically jamaica but it isn’t for tourist. I live with a single mother who I love for always supporting me for everything I do. I still see my dad around but I don’t live with him. If I become big I’m taking all my bros with me! I want it to just be tours, tours, and more hits! Making funny ass vids with my crew and just enjoying life to the fullest. the main people that inspired me to make music are: Tyler The Creator, Isaiah Rashad, Childish Gambino,, and who can forget Playboi Carti. But my main goal is to go on tour and meet and greet everyone who fucks with my music. Just honestly make me and everyone else have a better and funny life
 JonnyBDope… Signing out.

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