cliignet (Photographer)

Robert Isaac Clignett (born December 28, 2000; currently 16 as of 11/1/2017), better known by his stage name cliignet, is an American photographer, videographer, cinematographer, music video editor, stylist, and dire

ctor. Born in Dana Point, California, he rose to fame with his breakout career as a photographer. Cliignet shoots all of his photos raw and edits all of his photos and videos by himself.

After a photo shoot with known SoCal hip-hop artist Jair McLeod, cliignet was quickly introduced to enormous crowds of teenagers at various parties as an attendee. Cliignet has also made connections with up and coming artists such as Juliann Alexander, Robby Betts, Notorious Tae, Lil October,  just to name a few.
In September 11th, 2017, Cliignet became a Freemason and went through the sword initiation. After the initiation, it is rumored that Cliignet’s success came through that, which he claims isn’t the case. Cliignet’s friend Robby Betts (previously stated) is also known in the LA area as a model and has made connections for cliignet.
Robert’s early life includes loss of best friends, depression, and contemplation of suicide. Instead of committing suicide, he says, Robert says photography is what saved him after he found out that’s what he is good at. Cliignet is expected to be the king of the internet and photography world by 2018.

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