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Jacin Koot was born on 12 July, 1998 in Hoorn, The Netherlands. Jacin Koot started making rap music in 2016 under the name Jacin Trill, which he released on SoundCloud. The big breakthrough in the rap game and Jacin Trill’s rise to fame was after his hit song Kspreyopjebytch (I spray on your bitch). The clip is doing numbers while it reached more than 2.5 million views. Before his fame he would attend Hip-Hop dance battles and he was busy going to school. Jacin was attending the pop academy in 2017. He had school from Monday to Thursday and was free from school every Friday. Via a friend of him he got in touch with a Hip-Hop producer called 808Milli (Emiel Evert Jan Brussen). Jacin koot asked him if he wanted to come by and make some music in his own low budget studio while smoking a hash joint. This became a ritual and 808Milli would come by every Friday. They would meet each other at first in the Trill Café talking and smoking and having fun before heading into the studio. This is important for both because they want their music to have a happy and relaxed vibe. 808Milli and Jacin Trill are inspired by the American rap game.

Big breakthrough

On a Friday 808Milli came by with a new beat. Jacin Trill loved the beat but he had no inspiration to rap on it, because of the gun tag in 808Milli’s beats he started making gun noises and they both loved the idea. That was the start of making Kspreyopjebytch. Ronnie Flex (big rapper from The Netherlands) heard the track and thought it was sick. He wanted to know who the rapper was. The success came after a bad period for Jacin Trill his mother was really sick and put the young rapper in a very bad mood. He didn’t want to think about the things that made him sad and he created a happy ambiance for himself by making music and smoking with friends and be honest who can argue that. His positive style is catching on in The Netherlands and made Jacin Trill a big rapper in The Netherlands.

The success of 808Milli and Jacin Trill

808Milli is now Jacin Trill’s exclusive producer. He started making beats at the age of 17 years old. He would listen to a lot of American artist such as: Soulja Boy, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna. He makes Trap beats with a happy or a more trippy sound. When Emiel Evert Jan Brussen (his name) was young he watched a swedish children’s serie with his mother that’s called Emil van de Hazelhoeve. The serie goes about a 5 year old naughty boy called Emil and his father who doesn’t like his sons bad behaving. Therefore he locks his son into a garage. He would often yell out ‘EEEEEMIIIIIL’,  808Milli uses this as his producer tag (Click here to see which fragment he uses). Jacin and 808Milli meet up to make a new track but again they have no inspiration. Jacin then goes to a skate store with American producer Maaly Raw and buys himself new Nike sneakers the sneaker had a pink Nike logo and that’s when Jacin Trill thinks of his new track Rozeswoesh. Roze is Dutch for pink and with the word swoesh (which isn’t an actual word) he describes the form of the Nike logo. He is considered a mumble rapper because he makes up his own words, his lyrics aren’t very serious, he doesn’t speak out the words the way it should be but more to sound nice or  interesting. In his song he said translated: I have a pink bandana, munchies eating a Sultana, smoke a bit of that Marijuana and I fuck a baby momma, please don’t touch my swoesh. It sounds nice but it doesn’t have a bigger meaning and that’s oke because that’s Jacin Trill.

Jacin Trill is starting to make a name for himself in The United Stated of America. Where he was called the world’s first deaf rapper on WorldStar which isn’t true he can obviously hear but only with one ear. He was born with one ear. He has a song about it where he makes the comparison with an old  Dutch Post-Impressionist painter called Vincent Van Gogh who also had one ear after cutting his ear of when he went to a depression. American rapper Ugly God made a track with Jacin Trill and 808Milli called Lettetznow. His new music or his new wave as he calls it himself is getting more popular and we will hear a lot about this young talented rapper.

The tracks I like best are:

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