About Me



My name is Rick, I live in the Netherlands. Since I was a little kid I had an interest in music, especially rap music and Hip-hop. I would listen to a lot of different artists and I knew a lot about the lives of rappers. I would listen to artist such as 50 Cent and Eminem. I also really liked R&B and Pop music and I always liked singing the tracks too practice my own rapping and singing skills. In 2015 a Dutch project was released called “New Wave”. Where the most talented rappers from Holland where put together to make music with each other. At that time I would listen to the music from rappers such as Lil Kleine and Ronnie Flex. That’s why I wanted make my own website just for rap music. I knew a lot about the scene and wanted to let other people know which rappers had potential and give an insight of the music that I like the most from these artists.

Also since some time I make music myself. Because I know how hard it is for new artist to get recognizance and also how much time, effort and hard work artist put in their music I wanted to get people to check out talented upcoming new artists. So if you make music yourself and you want to let the world know what you do and what you make, you can mail to the email address that’s here and tell a short story about yourself (300-500 words) and I will listen to your music and put you on my website at “New Talents”. So in this blog I will share with other interested people what I know about rap and what I like about it. I hope you like it too.

My email is info@rap-trends.com.

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